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Hey there!

Welcome to Your Money Haven…your one-stop-blog with useful tips to help you spend less, save more and earn more .

Are you a saver, compulsive spender, love to invest or just want to grow your income? Great! I’ve definitely got something for you.

A Little bit about me

I’m a finance lawyer (technically, I do way more than financial law), personal finance coach and passionate about social issues. When I’m not here, I may be tackling legal issues,  volunteering on a compelling project, or trying(and failing to read and write music).

I created this blog as an ode to a life time of people-watching and ‘penny’ pinching.

My money journey has been an interesting one. From humble beginnings of saving my allowance as a child(and giving away most of it-my brother may not agree), I then invested what was left as a teenager and sadly spent it all as a young adult. Over the last few years, I have had to turn it all around. I started saving again, invested a bit and now working to grow my income.  I hope to share what I have learnt so far with you. 

The ‘Why’ question

This blog is a medium to provide useful suggestions to young professionals and millennials in their quest to successfully tackle their finances. With articles on:

My mission is to help you save more, earn more and ultimately give more while living the life you’ve always wanted.

A bit more about the blog…

Once in a very long while, I will write on other things that will give you a different snapshot on life. I publish what I call Poetic Prose (which is my special blend of poetry and prose (spoiler alert – it never rhymes).

I will also write on my observations on the vagaries of life; a short narration of different facets of life with an interesting perspective on why we act the way we do. Here are a few of the ‘better ones’ on poetic prose and  my thoughts things I have observed from human interactions. I’m sure you will agree with a few of these.

Want to know more about me?

Here are 10 things about me:

  1. I love food. I truly do. While I like trying out new cuisines, I am also selective, some of my favourites include the local cuisine  where I reside, Chinese and Italian)
  2. I am the middle child (the forgotten one), though people usually think I’m the first.
  3. I was at some point a customer service rep at Marks & Spencer, it was awesome; delicious food and a great brand.
  4. I love travelling but I’ve only been to 10 countries. Will try and remedy this in the near future
  5. I have been trying to learn French for over a decade. Finally took my B1(Intermediate) DELF exams a few years ago. Progress.
  6. Dream job: Movie and Food Critic. This has got to be the most amazing combo.
  7. I am an unrepentant feminist and believe in fairness and justice.
  8. I love reading fiction books and hope to author one(or more) someday.
  9. I had hoped to meet Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa and Michael Jackson but never got a chance.
  10. I constantly remind myself that my time on earth is limited and it is important to make the most it.


All aboard!

I look forward to sharing my tips and suggestions with you and hope these will provide that necessary buffer in your journey to achieve your money goals.

All the best, Sailor!


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